Discharge Policy

We understand that not every child is suited for daycare. If there are any issues that are brought to our attention by our staff, parents/guardians or by your child, a meeting will be scheduled to address the concerns. The meeting with involve the owner, necessary staff members and the parent/guardians. The concern(s) will be clearly noted and discussed throughout the meeting. Some examples may include: failure to adhere to our centre’s policies, late payment, behavioral problems etc. Potential solutions will be determined in a non-judgmental manner. A plan will be designed to solve the issue(s) and a second meeting will be arranged to reassess the situation after a week has passed. If the issue(s) is still not resolved to the satisfaction of everyone involved, a 1 week written notice of termination of services will be issued.


Withdrawal of Services Policy

We ask that you give us a minimum of 30 days written notice prior to withdrawing your child from our care. Even if your child does not attend our centre during that time, payment is still required.