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An Apple A Daycare was established in 2016 and has grown since opening. We take pride in our centre and continuously work to enhance the environment. All allergies and dietary concerns will be clearly posted in the kitchen. This will also be included on the child's "All About Me" forms.

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The playground has been transformed from a “parking lot” into a place of discovery. We continue to develop different areas for children to discover and learn about the outdoors. The toddler and preschool age groups share one of the playgrounds on a rotational basis. The infants have a separate playground for their use.

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Infant Room (6 months - 18 months)

Infant (Itsy Bitsy Infants) Licensed Capacity = 6 infants 4 to 18 months

Educators = 1 Registered Early Childhood Educator and 1 Educator with experience and/or other education.

Our infant program is very adaptable to the age and stage of your infant. The schedule for the day is flexible and based on the needs of each child and their stage of development. Each child is unique. We attempt to implement the home schedule that you have set at home into our daily routine. The toys are sanitized after mouthed by a child.

The toys are also changed in the room every week to ensure they have a variety of experiences. The focus while in the infant room is primarily gross motor (learning to crawl, walk) and sensory (smells, touch, taste). The caring nature of our Infant Educators is important to facilitate the strong attachments that form. We encourage parents to communicate daily with the educators.

Our goal is to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for the infants so they can develop into strong, confident, secure individuals that are ready to explore the toddler room.

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Toddler Room (18 months - 2.5 years)

Toddler (Todd Squad) Licensed Capacity = 15 Toddlers from 15 to 30 months.

Educators = 1 Registered Early Childhood Educator and 2 Educators with experience and/or other education.

Toddlers are inquisitive, busy going from activity to activity, starting to talk and enjoy dumping toys out. They enjoy getting messy and exploring the world around them.

Activities in the Todd Squad include lots of sensory activities, messy activities to allow lots of exploration to take place.

We start to build on their language skills through small group chats, reading stories, singing songs with actions, imaginative display with puppets, and dress up and pretend.

Self help skills are developed as they learn how to tidy up, feed themselves, use a cup, wash hands and face, brush teeth, and dress and undress themselves.

This is a time for learning self-control and identifying emotions. It’s important for this age group to feel secure, loved, and to be encouraged. Educators help the children to socialize and problem solve with peers in an appropriate manner.

Toddlers use a cot for sleep time. Cots are placed around the classroom at least 18 inches apart. We provide a sheet and we ask parents to provide a blanket and a stuffed animal for comfort for their child. The blankets will be sent home every Friday to be laundered. We focus on building your toddler’s self confidence and independence.

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Preschool Red Room (2.5 - 3 years)

Preschool Red (Red Rockets) Licensed Capacity = 16 Preschoolers from 2.5 to 4 years

Educators = 1 Registered Early Childhood Educator and 1 Educator with experience and/or other education.

The Educators in the Preschool Red room create and environment that sparks interest, inquiry, and learning. The activities are based on the children’s interests and there is lots of singing, dancing, and yoga. This age group loves asking questions and they learn together as they find the answers. The children are continuing to develop their self-help skills as they spend their day in relationship with their friends and educators.

Children in this classroom start to recognize letters of the alphabet and become familiar with their name. They very beginnings of math and reading skills are worked on.

It is also very important at this age to ensure physical activity is included daily with local walks and gross motor activities. The children are outdoors for a minimum of 2 hours every day, weather permitting.

We believe that young children are capable of making choices, and they are supported and encouraged in this process. The elements of active learning and choice are strategically interwoven encouraging children to become problem solvers. Exploring objects and completing simple science experiments keep the children interested and build their knowledge of the world around them.

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Preschool Green Room (3 years 4 years)

Preschool Green (Green Sprouts) Licensed Capacity = 16 Preschoolers from 3 to 4 years

Educators = 1 Registered Early Childhood Educator and 1 Educator with experience and/or other education.

The main goal of the educators in this room is to ensure the children will be ready to attend kindergarten in the fall. The number one goal is to ensure the children are able to express themselves and identify their emotions in an acceptable manner. It’s important for children to be able to share with others and be able to express their needs and wants. Although the educators main focus is on positive interactions and self-regulation, we also work on some other skills. We would like them to be able to completely put on their outer wear and shoes by themselves. They will recognize their name and letters of the alphabet.

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At An Apple A Daycare we like to ensure that all children have a healthy diet to help them grow and develop. All meals and snacks are prepared on-site in our kitchen. The cook has a certificate in “Safe Food Handling” provided by the KFL&A Health Department. All of our menus are planned according to the newest version of Canada Food Guide as well as the “Growing Little Sprouts” nutrition program from KFL&A Health department. We strive to be a “Nut free Zone”. If your child has special dietary restrictions due to allergies or religious values, we will meet with you to discuss how we can help to meet those needs. Our menus are based on a 4 week schedule and are changed seasonally. All meals are made from scratch using quality ingredients. Processed foods are avoided as much as possible.