Health and Safety

Please notify us if your child is exhibiting signs of illness and will not be able to attend daycare. An Apple a Daycare follows Public Health and Child Care and Early Years Act guidelines on illness and exclusion procedures. If your child is too sick to attend daycare and all of our scheduled activities, we ask that you keep him/her at home. We are committed to maintaining a clean and healthy environment for every child enrolled in our daycare and we assert that the best place for a child to recuperate from an illness is at home. We have a cot in the office to supervise and accommodate a child who becomes ill throughout the day. If your child is displaying symptoms of illness during our scheduled hours, we will contact you to pick him/her up. (We do not reimburse for the days that your child does not attend daycare)

Young children tend to be subject to the occasional bump and bruise. Every minor injury will receive proper care and an injury report will be filled out and signed by a staff member and the parent. In the case of a serious accident, the staff at An Apple a Daycare will contact emergency services as well as the parent or emergency contact/s on file. Our centre has a serious occurrence policy that requires us to post information about serious occurrences that happen at the daycare. We take great measures to ensure that every child is safe at all times. In the rare case of a serious incident, a notification form will be posted on the parent information board.