Child Guidance and Disciplinary Procedures

An Apple A Daycare provides a safe space where your child can develop respect and responsibility for themselves, others and their environment. Our staff approaches discipline in a positive manner and we use age appropriate language and explanations. Behaviour management is maintained through active supervision, positive reinforcement and setting clear rules and limits.

We believe that trust and understanding are necessary in order to establish healthy and caring relationships. It is our intention to understand the cause and reason a child is behaving a certain way in order to address the behaviour and come to a reasonable solution. Trust and respect of the child and their self-esteem is always in mind when addressing unwanted behaviour.

How you speak to your children becomes their inner voice.

We understand that young children are still in the early stages of understanding appropriate and inappropriate behaviour. They respond to certain circumstances in ways that are appropriate to their age and developmental level. Our staff is trained to respond with patience and understanding with every child on their journey of growth and to gently offer support and encouragement.

We use the following strategies to encourage appropriate behaviour:

  • Role playing and modeling desired behavior in social situations.
  • Giving positive reinforcement when children exhibit positive behaviour.
  • Child guidance and disciplinary procedures.
  • Developing a list of classroom rules with the help of the children and displaying the rules on the wall.
  • Correcting inappropriate reactions by providing cues or phrases that children can use to develop their social language.
  • Offering gentle reminders while using positive language. For example, say, “please walk” instead of “don’t run.”
  • Providing choices and alternatives to empower children.
  • To be consistent in reinforcing behaviour management strategies.

*Time In is a behavioural management strategy that is used to help the child.