A Vision for Ontario’s Early Years

The Four Foundations of Early Learning: Belonging, Well-Being, Engagement & Expression

We take the well-being of every child very seriously. Our Goal for this foundation is to ensure every child is developing a sense of self, health and well-being.

The Educators develop:

  • Physical well-being
  • Connections between cognition and physical and emotional well-being
  • Self-care
  • Self-regulation
  • Mental health and  wellness.

Infant Room from Miss Ashley W & Miss Amanda

We are thrilled that Spring is finally here! We have been able to spend hours in our yard outside and the infants are pointing out all of the new things they see like the plants and birds as we go for walks in our strollers.

We have also begun a morning “Get Together” time where we are enjoying new songs, dances and learning and exploring our world.

Toddler Room from Miss Ashley A, Miss Melanie & Miss Jyssica

Exploring colours has been a lot of fun and the highlight was definitely making our tie dye t-shirts! There was so much learning happening as we worked on our fine motor skills squirting the coloured bottles of dye.

This month we are exploring different textures through play. Its also time to get the water out and explore the different forms of water based activities. We will be exploring all kinds of slime, mud, noodles etc.

We have finally mastered the transition from indoor to outdoor, although we must say it is much easier on all of us when we don’t have snow suits. We are thrilled to say that all of the toddlers are doing a GREAT job!

Show and Tell has been a Huge success! We are having so much fun learning the alphabet with all of our friends favourite items of home.

Preschool Red Room from Miss Amber & Miss Carrie & Miss Cassie

Red room has been seeing and exploring Emotions, what they look like, what they mean and the different ways we can express them. We have been expressing ourselves through art, drawing, playdough, singing and dancing. We are working on self-regulation while playing games and having fun. WE have been very interested in the ABC’s and writing names. The class has been enjoying the highly anticipated Spring weather by playing on the bikes, with the balls and watching the bubbles.

We now have an Enhanced Support Educator in the Red room from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm to help with the transition times as well as to give us some extra support. We are excited to have Miss Tiffany with us as she brings with her lots of fun activities. Miss Tiffany is an RECE and will be returning to College in the fall to continue studies in Social work.

Preschool Green room from Miss Hailey & Miss Olivia

Happy Spring Parents! Our Green room friends have had a very busy month getting ready to go off to Kindergarten! We have been practicing many different things such as how to write our names, how to sound out different words in our books, recognizing letters and objects on the carpet and practicing routines. We have become really good at lining up and walking down the hall in an orderly fashion.